David archuleta dating taylor swift

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The 17-year-old "American Idol" contender has one of those once-in-a-decade pop voices: A silky tenor with a natural melancholy that makes him a heartbreaker by default.

His charming debut exploits that very quality with some strokes of pop genius, like "Touch My Hand," a temporary love ballad to the pretty girl in the front row, and "Your Eyes Don't Lie," a Jonas Brothers-do-"No Diggity" ditty with a fair amount of crooner slink.

In a post on Facebook, she said some of the members of the choir are refugees.

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Those who thought Taylor Swift was a big deal after the release of her first record should be prepared: The country singer is about to get way bigger.

but to people who know the guy, it probably wasn't that shocking. putting his music career on hold for two-years to fulfill a full-time mission with the Mormon church!!

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