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Once the European patent has been granted, Morningside IP can validate your patent with a single instructions in multiple countries.

Morningside IP takes care of the entire validation process: preparing the translations of the claims and/or specification according to each designated state’s requirements, instructing our European agents in the relevant countries and coordinating all paperwork and fee payments.

Applicants seeking patent protection in Europe can apply for a regional European Patent.

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Our experienced project managers and IP professionals oversee every step of the process ensuring that all national requirements are completed accurately and by deadline.

If you prefer to use your current agent for the actual EP validation, you can still partner with Morningside to obtain substantial cost savings on the translations required for validating in your designated countries.

Partner with Morningside from the very beginning, utilizing our service to file your European patent application directly with the EPO or via the PCT regional route.

Once the EPO issues its Notice of Intention to Grant—71(3) communication—Morningside will prepare the necessary claims translations into French and German, and pay the requisite fees to the EPO.

A European patent gives the proprietor rights equivalent to the rights conferred by a national patent in each country where the European patent is validated.

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