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So as I said on the banner of my blog, this blog is dedicated to Kurt Schneider and the awesome singers who collaborated with him.

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A special congratulations goes out to all the participants and lead guides who spent the day chatting with BOOSTers about their project’s progress to date.

We also want to thank all of the amazing BOOSTers who came and shared their thoughts and opinions on the progress of the projects. Watch this video: Those who spend time watching You Tube videos now have a chance to meet their favourite You Tubers in real life.

It’s the fact Alec is in a mixed race relationship, and the fact it’s an homosexual relationship.

While, perhaps unsurprisingly, Azealia Banks will no longer be gracing Philly with her presence this week, there are plenty of other options to keep you in tune this week.

Racism will be the main topic of the episode, so Alec could just say “I’m dating a downworlder”, but that wouldn’t be enough.

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