Did ranbir kapoor dating katrina kaif

has been hailed as one of the best – if not the best – actor of his generation. He pours himself into a character, any character, by mining the most complex emotions. The kind of passion and work ethic that she has I haven’t seen. I do want to get married, I want to have children and I’ll do it in the right way.

It’s difficult to take your eyes off him, even for a moment, when he’s on screen. Or a sense of complacency born out of his overnight stardom? The 33-year-old actor who next stars in Karan Johar’s , spoke frankly about failure, heartbreak and the future in an interview with CNN News18's Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand. I know he was very fond of you, you were his first grandson. I’ll meet a like-minded person, fall madly, deeply, truly in love and take it from there.

Ranbir and his recent "girlfriend" Katrina Kaif are spending their love moments now, though trying to avoid it from media.

The hot couple celebrated Katrina's birthday in Corsica, France where Ranbir has been shooting for his forthcoming movie "Tamasha." The fans now want Ranbir Kapoor to settle down with one girl as the Casanova has a list of hot girls he dated before Katrina.

posted a story claiming the actor made a visit to Kaif's home where a mutual friend happened to be.

And not only that, but this could easily have been a planned visit.

And yet, curiously he’s had a cold streak at the box-office lately. Ranbir, we are at your grandmother’s house in Chembur. Yeah, I was six years old when he passed away, but yes being his first grandson, he showered a little extra love on me. But it’s a good time actually to not get bitter about things. Was it hard going to work knowing that everyone was looking to see how you were dealing with it?

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