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The cameras failed to capture one thing: Diggy's music. Diggy, aware he'd likely be written off as a kid trying to make it off his father's name, didn't tell anyone about the songs he was recording in the family's basement.

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Apple i Phone users are able to snap photos using their i Phones and then back up those pics and other files to this now ‘glitchey’, operating system.

Two weeks ago, nude selfie’s and other types of suggestive photos were stolen from actress, Jennifer Lawrence’s i Cloud system and plastered across the internet.

When your father is the "Run" in Run-DMC and your uncle is Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, it's a gift and a curse to pursue a career in hip-hop.

The gift is obvious: unlimited connections, a built-in brand name and hopefully some skills from Dad's DNA.

While some of us truly feel that these photos violate the privacy of these hardworking women, many others have copied and pasted the uploads to their tumblr pages, Facebook walls, Twitter timelines and Instagram as well.

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