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We all know the 2009 VMAs as the birthplace of Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s infamous ongoing fued, but what we’ve forgotten is just how much other weird shit went down that night.

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Pourtant, le duo a traversé des périodes sombres, notamment lorsqu'Edward Furlong, déjà condamné en 2010 pour violence conjugale sur sa précédente femme et soumis à 3 ans de probation, a rechuté en mars 2013.

Condamné à six mois de prison, le comédien tente depuis de tourner la page, non sans difficultés.

And she just dropped a new single called “Love a Loser.” Her style consistently kills it, so we talked to her about her summer soundtrack, favorite There are all sorts of people in this world, including the type who don’t just believe in reincarnation, they’re pretty sure they know who they were in a past life.

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is rumored to have hooked up with Zendaya in Feb 2016.

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