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The import mechanism needs the XML files to be in the classpath; typically this is done with a jar-file which contains the XML files - included via a Maven-dependency.

It’s a best practice to version-control shared flow-file JARs, and run proper SDLC controls.

of this project can be acquired here and here, respectively. They can be unstable and corrupt plugin's configuration files.

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Dynamic change of power during charging, making emergency stop button optional or enabling high power charging are only a few of the elements that were included in the past protocol updates.

CHAde MO technical team not only assures that all updates are technically robust and sound, but also that they are backward compatible, enabling earlier versions of vehicles and chargers to work smoothly with new models.

To get started developing extensions for Microsoft Teams, you'll first need an Office 365 commercial account.

You'll then need to turn on the Microsoft Teams service for your Office 365 organization.

We'll be rolling out extensibility features for developers to try before they roll out to end users.

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