Epocrates autoupdating error permission denied

Then click the “Make Table” button in the “Query Type” group of the “Design” tab in the “Query Tools” contextual tab in the Ribbon to change the query type.

epocrates autoupdating error permission denied-86

Access Control Exception: Permission denied: user=mapred, access=WRITE, inode="/":hdfs:supergroup:drwxr-xr-x at org.apache.server.namenode.

FSPermission Checker.check(FSPermission Checker.java:224) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSPermission Checker.check(FSPermission Checker.java:204) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSPermission Checker.check Permission(FSPermission Checker.java:149) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.check Permission(FSNamesystem.java:4891) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.check Permission(FSNamesystem.java:4873) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.check Ancestor Access(FSNamesystem.java:4847) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.mkdirs Internal(FSNamesystem.java:3192) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.mkdirs Int(FSNamesystem.java:3156) at org.apache.server.namenode. FSNamesystem.mkdirs(FSNamesystem.java:3137) at org.apache.server.namenode. Name Node Rpc Server.mkdirs(Name Node Rpc Server.java:669) While the steps to reproduce this error can vary widely, the root causes are very well defined and you'll know you're suffering from this issue by finding the following line either on stdout or in the relevant log files: There are several solutions to attempt: 1) The /user/ directory is owned by "hdfs" with 755 permissions. Unlike unix/linux, hdfs is the superuser and not root.

CAUSEThis behavior can occur if the anonymous user account is not granted at least CHANGE permissions to the SMTP mail server folders.

RESOLUTIONTo resolve this error, follow these Steps: 1.

Click OK to close the Add Users And Groups dialog.11.

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