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Der ICQChat bietet Dir jede Menge kostenlosen Chatspaß und die angesagteste Musik noch gratis dazu. Es ist keine E-Mail Bestätigung notwendig, Du chattest hier völlig anonym und erhältst daher auch keine unerwünschten Werbemails. Zum Starten des ICQ Chats bitte auf den Chateingang klicken und kurz warten bis der Chatserver Kontakt aufgenommen hat.

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When we run thread.start() a new thread will spawn and start executing the run() function.

I have set up this site to support my research related to the events and personal stories concerning the fall of Singapore in February 1942. a British India steamer with probably over 1000 Japanese women and children internees and some allied civilians including a Miss Norah Inge (a missionary). – “ISLAM/ISLAMIC” reported to have reached India ( this could be the ship above)• 30 Jan. Dora Gurney plus 3 children, to Tanjong Priok where it left again on 15 Jan. ANGLO INDIAN” which reached Tanjong Priok on 12 February• “SS. “AGAN” (244 tons) with 150 civilians including women and children – it either reached Palembang at midday on 13 Feb.

Starting from Java SE 7, the JVM no longer guarantees constant order of methods and JMX MBean Info no longer guarantees equality of MBean Info between two identical MBeans.

This list includes some of the notable bug fixes in Java SE 7u4.

Specifically my interest relates to the evacuation of civilians and military personnel from Keppel harbour where most of the evacuation ships left from in the last days before Singapore capitulated to the Japanese. “USS WAKEFIELD” with the “WESTPOINT” and “DUCHESS OF BEDFORD” in same convoy which altogether had 4000 passengers. Mc Cormac (wife of “You will die in Singapore” author). AUBY” (636 tons) reached Tanjong Priok• “TIEN KWANG/ TUN KUANG” which had many Government servants on board plus RAF , but was bombed and sunk at Pom Pong Island on 14 Feb along with the “SS KUALA”• “SS. in the evening “FELIX ROUSSEL” (Free French ship) with 110 passengers mainly women and children including Mrs. or was sunk with the survivors being picked up by the “TENGORRAH”• 11 Feb.

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