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Net Podcast: Evaluating Cancer Treatment Options on the Internet, adapted from this content.

The Internet is a useful tool for finding cancer information and connecting with other patients and caregivers.


We’re looking for teams of 2-3 individuals from 20-25 different schools or districts to join us for each summit.

Achieve is seeking submissions of both CCSS-aligned and NGSS-aligned lessons and units for the EQu IP Call to Action.

Use this knowledge to judge the content you find on the website. Reliable websites tell you who edits and approves the content. The HON Foundation is the organization that created a set of guidelines for health and medical websites. Net Contact Us link provides phone numbers and email addresses for people to use.

They also tell you how to contact the organization that runs the website. Be careful with information posted in discussion groups or on online bulletin boards.

Ask yourself the following questions as you visit websites with cancer information: Who runs the website?

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