Extreme dating tv show episodes

Somewhere out there is an industry where a person can be compensated for marrying a stranger, voting someone off the island, race across the globe or undergo extreme plastic surgery. Reality TV is an alternate universe where people who should never receive a recording contract, receive recording contracts.

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What is less commonly known is that cast members frequently receive compensation in the form of per diem payments while on the show.

And many reality stars go on to make big bucks through endorsement deals, photo shoots and appearances. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a reality start, below you’ll find 12 shows currently casting… The show is looking for women residing in South Boston and are between the ages of 21 and 35.

While few shows pay cast members enough to retire early, special considerations are made for those willing to party their reputations into oblivion. What you can expect as a cast member: Talking about the Red Sox and partying Apply Here Good news.

Cast members on MTV’s Jersey Shore earn up to $100,000 per episode. What you can expect as a cast member: Drinking, sleeping, drinking, tanning, drinking, partying, drinking Apply Here What do you think is the most important element needed to secure a casting spot on this show? It looks like Extreme Makeover may be putting down the scalpel and liposuction equipment for something a little more wholesome.

When Theo brings home a poor report card, he claims he does not need good grades to get a job.

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