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That is because many scammers are Nigerian or from other impoverished African nations where there is no way that a would-be scammer would be able to scrape together the cash to sign up for even one month of a pay dating site.

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So with this e-mail in hand (my inbox), I decided to see how far this rabbit hole went.

The term 'online fraud' refers to any type of fraud scheme that uses email, web sites, chat rooms or message boards to present fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions or to transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions or to others connected with the scheme.

Internet banking fraud is fraud or theft committed using online technology to illegally remove money from, or transfer it to, a different bank account.

Types of internet banking fraud include phishing and mule recruitment, and can happen through your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices.

In this short article Tucker sets the scene in which Nigerian scammers flourish.

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