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The other classes in your application will make requests of models via this API.

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Flex bindable not updating

First, the developer creates a pair of properties on the view, one of which is a Bindable Property, and the other of which is a property of whatever type is required.

In the code below, stands in for what would typically be a user interface object in production code.

Flex 4 also promotes the use of states to the point where they are virtually mandatory in any non-trivial app.

And that brings us to the question of the day: As always, we’ll dive into some examples to explore how things work.

I don't think that's the intended behavior of validation in this case. It's not picking and choosing what gets to go and what doesn't. https:// (see Model & Field Validation) If anything, I could see this being a feature request with the option to force update regardless of validity. I look at it in the same context as if I'm updating a database record and I don't want a column to be null, would I update the record anyway and null the column and inform the user after the fact, or would I prevent it up front?

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