radiocarbon dating reference year - Four quadrant dating

Satya Yuga is the largest set & other yugas are its subsets.

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With these in mind they could get an approximation on the other ratios.

The 48t chainwheel was used by many time-triallists with a 20t sprocket for winter training (64.8”), up to 18 in the early spring (when events were held which restricted the gear to 72”) and then up to 16 (81”) for the start of the season proper.

Many people have tried to explain it to me and although I could describe the gear train within a car gearbox I have never got to grips with epicyclic gears.

Having said that I hope that some of the following may be of use. I love riding fixed as it gives a great feel of being at one with the bike.

The design of the axeheads belong to a specific period in the Early Bronze Age around 1750-1500BC.

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