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YOUNG SINGLE GUY: There's a bit of pressure, but I feel like girls put just as much pressure if not more, on getting the right gift.

WEST MICHIGAN - Volunteers are a vital aspect of the public school system in Michigan, but that comes with a price.

OLD MARRIED GUY: It does seem like a good idea, but most guys would never actually put that effort in. So I'll just stress for eight months, then scramble to throw something together last minute. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: So is it not the thought that counts for your wife? She does enjoy exchanging gifts I buy for better gifts (engagement ring included). I've had past relationships where girl seemed happy with anything and I still felt just as stressed out about the whole thing. Did I ever tell you about the time I accidentally asked a girl out on Valentine's Day? Of course, I wanted to play it cool, but we get there and the place is decked out like a Valentine's Day Wonderland. And they re-named all the food to have a Valentine's Day theme, so I'm holding a giant heart in my hand and saying stuff to the waitress like, "'I'll have the 'Love of My Life' hangar steak' and a side of the 'She's The One For Me' garlic mashed potatoes."YOUNG SINGLE GUY: That sounds like the best first date ever. But it also led to a lifetime of expecting the worst when it comes to all these holidays.

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Before I even begin to address this topic, I should tell you that there are more than 3.19 million results for this search, according to Google--and a lot of them are written by psychological professionals, not valley girls with alleged brains. Cry until your stomach hurts and you and the supermarket have run out of Kleenex. Still, I believe in trying to reconcile--but only once.

I've read multiple help guides, but sometimes, it seems like these so-called experts have no idea what mourning a relationship is like. Get the tears out of your system, as soon as possible. It's a scientific fact that music has therapeutic effects, including lowering your heart rate, reducing pain and relieving stress. Your friends will try to console you and be there to listen. In fact, I'd be surprised if you even have any other conversation topics at the moment, right? This is the tough part, where you have to think about--and sadly--acknowledge that your partner wasn't happy. So make sure you come up with and execute a really good plan.

– but he's an hour late, and I'm still waiting around for him at 10 a.m. He's been wearing Invisaligns, a kind of invisible braces, for the past year. "They were pointed inwards a little bit, so they had to bring them out, but when they did that, it made a small space in my teeth, and now they have to push that in," he says. And I have to say it's pretty adorable the way he does that.

Then, I notice a black Range Rover idling across the street – the Biebermobile, the one he got after he got his driver's license last year. " Bieber swishes his car through the high-rise canyons of downtown Atlanta, keeping one hand on the steering wheel. " he asks his bodyguard, who looms in the back seat. "Ow." ven with the braces, Bieber is America's coolest kid, the one who has dominated every medium in the past year as a direct result of his sweet voice, slick moves and superhuman ability to make panties wet.

WZZM's 13 Watchdogs broke the story back in July that the Berrien County Courthouse shooter, Larry Gordon, was also a volunteer at his daughter's school.

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