Friends boyfriend on dating website

That is, until the warning signs started to appear.After they’d been together for a few months, when she logged into her Match.On the other hand, I don’t want to get involved in a couple’s private matters, especially when an incoming baby is involved.

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Do I tell her so she can at least investigate for herself, or do I not tell her so she can go on preserving the family she is about to create?

— To Tell or Not Everyone is different, but personally I think there’s little worse than a friend knowing something potentially ground-shaking about my relationship that I don’t know. It’s not possible to anticipate what kind of hornet’s nest you’re stepping into when you get involved in someone else’s love relationship, so only do whatever you can live with, no matter the consequences.

), we need to make sure you do it as tactfully as possible.

Don’t make the announcement over drinks, maintain composure, and don’t be aggressive or inflammatory.

Now let’s assume worst case scenario: She might be embarrassed, she might be defensive, she might accuse you of lying or being jealous, and worst of all, she will be hurt and you might feel at least partly to blame.

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