sea captain dating website - Fujitsu siemens bios updating

Hello, i managed to do a bad flash on my Amilo Pro V2045 - i inserted the flash CD and boot, i says that i was booting, but nothing more, i thought i was frozen so i reseted it and after then the laptop was dead - could be turned on, but no image on the screen. 5) Nothing was on the screen, but laptop started beeping and after few seconds, the floppy drive started to work. I left it running for another 3 minutes just to be sure the flashing was complete.

My problem is that the instructions mention a zip-file or an image file, but I can only find an exe-file to be used from within Windows (which is the problem, I can't get there ) Can someone help me to get hold of the image or zip-file to be used?

(By the way, is it the same approach to use an USB-memory as an floppy disc for reflashing BIOS?

In the archive there is a file, extract it and replace it with the current file in the disk for the Pheonix Crisis rec.

I've tried a disk created from the BIOS ISO image from FSC support site, and an other one with just the bios image inside, with 3-4 different names. When you have it, click on the icon of it, and right mousebutton, 7-zip, than Open Archive.

I tried it again later when the laptop was working, now it was ok even with the battery.

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