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This was in response to IMVU inc creating a rule that bans anyone who begs for credits or products. 2009 - 2011 we gave 11000 free IMVU VIP's, 44000000 free credits, and created a bot that earned our members billions of free predits.

Around 2012 we declared victory against IMVU in the war against poverty when IMVU added a free credits section to their site.

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We have 62000 members, 900 monthly active members, 18000 monthly visitors, 2200 paying members, 120 staff members, 5 daily active paid staff members (and hiring), active shout box with staff always on duty, active forums with 129000 publicly searchable posts covering every subject on IMVU you can think of, chat rooms, and an underground market for selling; tools, products, digital resources, credits, accounts, etc ...

The IMVU Mafias was started in 2007 as an organization for helping children earn free credits and products.

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