G dragon dating rumor

Rumors like these are not unusual for G-Dragon, nor are they unusual for G-Dragon and Sandara Park together since many fans “ship” the two friends and have done so for years.What is unusual however, is the fact that YG Entertainment acknowledged the rumors at all.He has not seen Sulli since he went to the amusement park with their group of friends.” Sulli’s agency SM Entertainment also stated that the rumors are false.

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when asked to choose between him and top during gtop promo she chose him and explained why and that was it.

he's nowhere near the ~flower boy~ description she generally gives.

and she has better taste lmao, Siwan (rip) Dara is smart enough to not involve herself with someone like that, I would think.

As for the grabbing, I would smack someone who grabbed me from behind like that if they were a stranger, but my close friends and I do stuff like that all the time to each other, usually when we're trying to catch up to each other, so I can't really judge it.

He's been liking GTop, GRi and dar*gon manips for the past few days and he's also been leaving comments on his and CL's friends' posts, especially those who post her pics, with "skydragon" written with emojis.

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