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After she’d given him her heart, he finally added, “Actually, we’re married.” At an recently, two foreign girls met for the first time and casually recounted their weekend by the sea with an Italian. When I first came to Rome I met a very savvy American woman.

They soon discovered, not only was he seeing them both but he was also sending them identical text messages. She’s still waiting for her Italian partner of many years to propose but they have a young son together and seem very happy.

people in the suburbs [and in other cities] continue to live hidden," one man said.

(Gabriel Bouys / AFP/Getty Images) ROME — Under the fleeting light of an autumn half-moon, an Italian medical student made his way to the top of a modern high-rise in east Rome, not far from an ancient arch built by the emperor Claudius.

What usually worked well was to compliment the guy on his clothes: “Hey, nice sneakers” or “Cool T-shirt.” I suppose before the pick-up line there might have been some exchange of eye contact, but more often I would just go right up to a guy before he even saw me and tell him I liked his shoes.

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