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Here, Pike offers a few valid arguments for abandoning cartridge razors, as well as pointers for properly using a safety razor.

And the blades from the 1926 Magazine Repeating razor, Col. This is one of the longest production runs for any model of safety razor, but likely at an end.

It seems now that the current owners of the Schick name, Pfizer Warner-Lambert, are not selling the Injector Razor in stores in North America, although they still sell them in Japan, and over the internet.

Below is a list of the various styles and changes that have taken place since Gillette's inception.

It can be a helpful indication of which razor would best suit your needs or a great way for collectors to get their hands on the more rare or obscure items that have been released over the years.

Several razors as well as other personal hygiene artifacts were recovered from Bronze Age burials in northern Europe and are believed to belong to high status individuals.

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