Hannah christian grouplove dating dating advice from men to women

On our bus it's just me and 11 guys, which is crazy.

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Rabin comes from a musical family – his father is Trevor Rabin, former guitarist of Yes.

Sean Gadd, a songwriter and guitarist from London, was also at the commune.

"I had to go through a lot of ripped jeans, skirts that were too short on high stages and other moments," says Hooper before honing in on her onstage style. And Christian, my husband, who is also in the band — we share everything. I am naturally curvy so it shows through in what I wear, but it’s also the way I carry myself.

It all comes down to comfort, says the musician, whose off-stage look is decidedly more tomboy — influenced in part by the closet she shares with husband Christian Zucconi, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist. Last year we did a tour that took us everywhere from Korea to Australia, New York and Chicago. It’s comfort, but it’s about sharing clothes [with Christian]. Right now his hair is blue and green and mine is pink and yellow.

Hooper met Zucconi on the Lower East Side of Manhattan after hearing and enjoying his music from his former band ALOKE.

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