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Leather helmets have fallen into disuse, only seeing use in some fire departments in North America, such as New York and Houston. Toronto Fire Services) that use the Leatherhead have a beaver in place of the eagle for the brass adornment.

In Province of Quebec some fire departments use the letterhead helmet, ex: Montreal fire dept, chiefs use the letterhead instead of firefighters and officers use the Bullard.

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It should be noted that Mitchell Pattern covers are now being reproduced and are available online.

Most examples do not have contract dates, but as time passes you most certainly see exact copies start to show up. 5002-62 1962 DSA 1-811-C-62 1962 DSA 1-1940-63-C 1963 DSA 1-3839-64-C 1964 DSA 1-4540-64-C 1964 DSA 1-6600-65-C Late 1964 – 1965 DSA 1-6680-65-C Late 1964 – 1965 Contract No.

As an avid motorcyclist I have always been reassured if slightly baffled by helmet standards, if seems odd that there is more than one standard and as you dig deeper you learn that different standards have vastly different requirements and not surprisingly, there is serious controversy about which is best. Well I’m going to give you a break down of what each standard means and how they’re different.

A DOT certified lid might not pass a Snell test and a Snell might not pass a DOT. I’ll briefly explain the positives and negatives, then I’ll let you decide for yourself.

The Golden Helmet of Coțofenești is a Geto-Dacian helmet dating from the first half of the 4th century BC.

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