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Most of the time this can easily be resolved by purging your site’s cache!

They’re two ways to purge your cache at WP Engine, just use one of the two methods below: The first and most thorough method of clearing your site’s cache is within your Word Press Admin Dashboard. Utilities and scroll to the section labeled “Cache options” to choose “Clear page cache”. Note that it does not clear out the Object Caching layer, or the CDN cache, if you are utilizing either.

When a designer updates a theme in the Shopify Theme Store with bug fixes and added features, those changes are not automatically added to your own theme.

There is no automatic or manual way to run updates on your installed themes.

Then, do the following: Word will automatically update the current document to reflect your changes. Then, right-click the style and choose the Update Users often make the mistake of checking the Automatically Update option when modifying a style. Once you check this option, Word will automatically update the style the user modifies an appropriately styled occurrence.

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