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No, not a three-fold fancy sheet of paper — I mean a resume that clearly says you hire yourself out to clients on a project-by-project basis.

Whether you've been a consultant for years or you're jumping into consulting to accommodate the tight job market, you might get good ideas by looking at these six sample resumes for consultants.

Be aware that newly hired team member resources may lack hands-on EHR experience and therefore possess little-to-no exposure to implementation demands.

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It starts with a professional title that leads to a list of areas of expertise.

Then it moves into the Experience section, which is in reverse chronology. What's unusual and very effective is the format: an upside-down functional resume format.

Here are two options to address this challenge, but keep in mind each one can be expensive and cost your organization valuable time with competing deadlines: Option 1: READ MORE: EHR Use Nearly Universal in Hospital Outpatient Practices Hire a permanent resource and coordinate certification and/or training with your EHR vendor.

This alternative always assumes the risk that the resource will leave once the initial training investment is made.

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