How to troll a dating website with ms paint dating a commitment phobe

Luda-Christmas came early for fans of manufactured schadenfreude and 90s-era computer graphics with the release of Ludacris' video for "Vitamin D," featuring the rapper sporting a CGI'd chest that is an affront to God and nature.

Apparently the fake torso has just been a general anesthesia-induced fever dream (get well soon, tbh). When I got my wisdom teeth out I dreamt I won a People's Choice Award for the movie so Ludacris' Extreme Makeover by Microsoft Paint makes total sense to me.

Nevertheless, Rose's pestering eventually wore him down, and he went to retrieve Bro's copy of Sburb.

The two had a duel on the roof of their apartment for no apparent reason beyond the awesomeness of it, and Bro's puppet, Lil Cal, was destroyed in the aftermath.

He uses the same color text that Davesprite uses, analogous to the fact that Jane and Jake use the same colors as Nannasprite and Jadesprite, respectively.

He also signed the book that he sent to Jane in orange pen.

She does use commas, question marks, and exclamation points, and uses apostrophes starting in Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4.

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