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Employee unions sued, arguing that the state constitution holds that pension benefits amount to a contractual agreement and once they're bestowed, they cannot be "diminished or impaired." A circuit court judge in Springfield agreed with that assessment in November.

State government appealed that decision to the Illinois Supreme Court, arguing that economic necessity forced curbing retirement benefits.

By answering a number of questions, one can examine see whether they meet the conditions of entitlement and be entitled to the pension.

To receive an old-age pension, one must submit a claim to the National Insurance Institute branch closest to one's place of residence, on an Old Age Pension Claim form, near to the day one reaches the age of entitlement to an old-age pension, and no later than 12 months from that date.

Old age insurance is one of the most important branches of the National Insurance Institute’s social security system and is designed to ensure that residents of Israel receive a regular monthly income in their old age. Criteria for determining this include: Israel is your permanent place of residence, where your family resides, where your children go to school, your primary place of work, or where you are studying.

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