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Recorder Brian Altman QC sentenced Mc Bain to five years in prison and jailed Buckley for three years.

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You can upload photos from your camera roll by clicking on the photo icon.

The phone lets you make audio-only calls or leave "audio notes" — an equivalent of voicemail. Snapchat did have live video calling in the chat app before, but it was really hard to use.

Sadly, we’ve always had to tell them the feature wasn’t availble…until now.

In both the desktop client and the web, when you choose “Manage permissions” for a room (you have to be a group admin or owner of the room), it will present you with a dialog to control whether the room is public or private.

The camera icon lets you make video calls or just leave small messages. If both friends were looking at the chat window, it used to give you a blue, pulsating box where the send button normally was.

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