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An infp is generally patient and tolerant with imperfection, and excels at genuinely loving someone or something despite any faults. General : This is a type that works for both men and women, although they may present it very differently.

Were officially dating, yes, he told free dating on online Radar.

Instead, they prefer to explore things on their own and decide what is right without consulting anyone.

They are also the type to explore alternative lifestyles: They could volunteer for humanitarian missions in far-away countries or travel the world as backpackers, supporting themselves by doing odd jobs as they go.

I made a change to the entry for infp indicating that I did not think the possibility of over looking them was a good thing.

Tinder certainly has its part to play, but its not running the show.

Being highly imaginative, creative and empathetic, INFPs often have a great propensity for language, writing, psychology, art, music, and altruism.

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