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The ones marked as , are the ones I go to regularly or every chance I get.

Tourists should keep in mind the following: Many restaurants in Athens do the cooking in the morning of the dishes they call mayerefta which are the dishes made in the oven and those you may be most familiar with like mousaka, pastitsio, stuffed tomatoes, roast lamb and potatoes etc. In the evening people order 'tis ores' which are things made right then and there like grilled meats and fish.

These are elements in what is loosely called a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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There are loads of restaurants in the Athens Plaka, Psiri and surrounding area.

If you try these out you will know what a good restaurant should look, taste and feel like, and be less likely to get a disappointing meal in one of the tourist joints.

House wine (hima) is cheaper than bottled wine and is often better, as it should be.

Vegetarians can find plenty to choose from even in the meatiest restaurant.

If you have any faves you want to add, take a picture and send me a review.

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