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These are usually men (but not always) who use the internet for casual relationships and/or sex.More and more people are signing up to hundreds of ‘free’ dating sites found on the net – be sure that you are posting your details onto a reputable site as anyone can start a dating site. Traditional introduction agencies can offer a high degree of protection.Mobile dating – Geo-location on smart phones enables cybercriminals to practically know a user’s exact location at all times.

A lot of people take their time getting to really get to know a prospective partner before beginning a romantic relationship.

For others, it can happen much quicker than that, but be wary of people on dating sites who say they are “in love” after just a few days of chatting.

Threat Metrix announced several ways for consumers to stay protected from online dating fraud and malware as Valentine’s Day approaches.

According to Fast Company, online dating grew to a staggering $4 billion industry in 2012, making the industry a prime target for cybercriminals.

According to Include Security, hackers could have taken advantage of Tinder users available information, and then employ an outside strategy called triangulation to ultimately find users' exact locations.

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