Intimidating girl team names

Ever notice how some professional sports nicknames are absolutely terrible? The Pistons got it right with the car theme but the Tigers and Lions botched it. Pelicans: Actually, surprisingly, this name isn’t terrible. When you think of the Big Easy, you can’t help but think of the French Quarter and people rocking out to a saxophone outside with Mardi Gras beads and hurricanes. My friend from Utah also suggested the Utah Red Rocks and I like that too. Utah Jazz would be the most embarrassingly bad name for an NBA franchise if it wasn’t for the….. What is wrong with the people in DC that they don’t know how to capitalize on being the capital? The city’s sports teams should have coordinated red, white and blue uniforms across all sports, much the same way all the Pittsburgh teams are black and yellow.

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‘Rangers’ for a New York team is dumb because it’s meaningless. and 2) since the time the name was picked, we have learned a lot more about Velociraptors. Here’s the thing: the name made sense when they were the Minnesota Lakers–Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Predators sounds like the name of a generic Disney movie team.

Same thing with ‘Lakers’ in LA (where there are no lakes) or ‘Jazz’ in Utah (where there are no, um, nvm). They chose intimidation and alliteration over a cool name. Apparently, far from being a fearsome mini-T-Rex, it was actually more like a giant chicken with a long tail that could jump really high. I tried to play off the whole Music City, USA thing when coming up with a new name but struggled.

True story, my high school mascot was the Kangaroo. I think my senior year our football team only one 1 or 2 games and I truly believe part of that was due to trying to intimidate our opponents with a 6 foot tall blue kangaroo mascot. You want to pick a name your player, parents and coaches alike will be proud to yell for and support.

Keep in mind also that softball teams planning on playing together for several years and through different levels of play don’t want to keep changing names. While orange and black may be your absolute favorite colors together to most everyone else they just scream Halloween.

I know other one that goes for the One Legged Llamas.

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