aedating v4 0 - Intimidating hostile or offensive

The management shall display copies of Code of Conduct at the conspicuous place in the organization and the workplace.On failure of an employer to comply with this provision the employer shall be liable to fine which may extend to one hundred thousand rupees but shall not be less than twenty-five thousand rupees.In your grievance you should list everyone involved in the situation, particularly the person or people directly threatening you.

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When determining how to write a grievance, make sure before you submit the grievance that your situation qualifies as a hostile work environment, where the intimidation directly affects your work performance.

Treat the structure and language of your grievance as if you were explaining it to a lawyer or judge. Make sure that the grievance letter is structured so that events are listed chronologically and are presented in a way that makes logical sense.

It also adheres to the Human Rights Declaration, the United Nation’s Convention for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women and ILO’s convention 100 and 111 on workers’ rights.

It adheres to the principles of Islam and all other religions in our country which assure women’s dignity.

Provisions made in the Protection against harassment of women at the workplace Act requires all public and private organizations to adopt an internal Code of Conduct and a complain and appeals mechanism aimed at establishing a safe working environment for working women.

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