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The 2 percent of the population with this personality type are known for their "relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering."To break it down by letter, we're introverted (preferring to keep to ourselves), intuiting (focused on thoughts and ideas more than facts and experiences), thinking (more logical than emotional), and judging (organized and goal-oriented).

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There are many idiosyncrasies of the romantic process in which INTJs may, or may not, be willing to participate.

Typically most people, even guys, enjoy the emotional aspects of love. Attraction can get you into a lot of trouble, trouble that rational INTJs would rather avoid.

It is almost as though the goal of love is the shivery feeling of excitement that accompanies the anticipation of seeing your “crush.” Or it’s the fluttering butterfly wings and uncertainty of being able to please the other with your appearance, or some other characteristic of physical attraction. For the INTJ, love is first about a meeting of the minds.

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