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The events that followed qualify as one of the stranger chapters in the constitutional history of the United States.

Roosevelt brought relentless energy and creativity to Washington following his election in 1932.

If you use Symfony, have a look at the FOSHttp Cache Bundle.

And this, the team say, "may have a large impact on the interpretation of neuroimaging results"."It is not feasible to redo 40,000 f MRI studies, and lamentable archiving and data-sharing practices mean most could not be reanalysed either," the team said.

"Considering it is now possible to evaluate common statistical methods using real f MRI data, the f MRI community should, in our opinion, focus on validation of existing methods."It is important to stress we have focused on inferences corrected for multiple comparisons in each analysis, yet some 40 per cent of a sample of 241 recent f MRI papers did not report correcting [these] comparisons, meaning many group results in the f MRI literature suffer even worse false-positive rates than found here."The study has been published in PNAS.

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In this post, I’ll dig into some of the exciting things we announced as part of the Winter 2017 (4.8) Snaps release.

, but can be configured to invalidate any other files as well.

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