Videochat america girls - Invalidating the cache

Important You can invalidate most types of objects that are served by a web distribution, but you cannot invalidate media files in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format when you have enabled Smooth Streaming for the corresponding cache behavior.In addition, you cannot invalidate objects that are served by an RTMP distribution.Cache invalidation refers to process during which web cache proxies declare cached content as invalid, meaning it will not longer be served as the most current piece of content when it is requested.

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If flush is not carried out it may read junk data present in memory as the memory is not still updated with contents written to cache.

Please confirm whether my above understanding is correct?

Flush: Before the device read a portion of memory updated by CPU, CPU must flush (write back is also correct?

) the contents from cache to memory, so that device reads the contents from memory with updated contents.

For more information about the charges for invalidation, see Paying for Object Invalidation.

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