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Frequent online quizzes were another feature that was very effective in both enhancing learning experience and improving student performance.

Analysis of student data, student surveys and course evaluations from the online course suggested it was just as, if not more effective than the in-class course equivalent.

ALICE is written in a new language called AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), under development so that ALICE can be modified for the "personalities" of other people besides its present author.

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The framework of this course can be easily adapted in creating an online course in any post-secondary discipline.

This Tool-Kit for building Online Communities was first presented at the Next Five Minutes Tactical Media Conference in Amsterdam, 12-14 March '99.

At times she can be insightful and at other times a little stupid. Ask it a question and hopefully you'll be pointed in the right direction.

It uses a Web/Shockwave interface, so its not for the technically faint of heart.

From mailing lists to #Oper Help, DALnet's staff works diligently to serve its community of dedicated users.

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