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BUSINESSWIRE - Aug 3 - Total Q2 revenue was .3M, up 91% YOY, mobile revenue was .3M, up 55% YOY.The company has increased daily video minutes by 80% to 7.2M, with ~20% of its users watching videos every day.

1 of 18 people in US today use big data analytics in finding companionship.

Couples are finding love online and online dating today has become a big business.

"When AAA publishers release to PC, they may have trouble selling with traditional AAA prices, while console users have no such habit to break."$50 billion isn't the largest number being tossed around for the VR industry, but it is still quite bullish.

In August, IDC projected worldwide VR/AR revenues of hardware and software to total $162 billion in 2020.

Oculus Rift, Vive, and Play Station VR may not have set the world on fire just yet, but analysts are still big on virtual reality.

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