Kate bosworth and orlando bloom still dating

The Kingdom Of Heaven actor, 28, has enjoyed an on/off relationship with the 22-year-old beauty since January 2003, after they met filming an advertisement for clothing giant Gap.

An onlooker tells British newspaper The Sun, "They were picking out engagement rings and she was trying them on.

They popped into lots of flash jewelers on New Bond Street.

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Kate bosworth and orlando bloom still dating

Have I ever mentioned that I love you loony bitches?

True, the Brangelina-Aniston Bermuda Triangle stuff gets the most play generally, but some of you are completely crazy for other celebrities, to the point of stalker-fabulousness.

But I should let Sunshine let her loony flag fly: I think this gives more credibility on why she dumped Alex.

Once he found out, he was sure to dump her as he has stated in past interviews he can’t tolerate cheaters.

Samantha says, “They’ve been together for two years and they are still very much together.

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