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Tens of thousands of people were fleeing for their lives.

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Since 2005, the Hasanlu Publication Project has worked to publish the University of Pennsylvania's final excavation reports from the site of Hasanlu Tepe, Iran under the general direction of Robert H. He has served as the Director of the Tell es-Sweyhat Project in Syria since 2006 and has directed archaeological surveys in western Iran and northern Syria.

Michael Danti received his Ph D in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000.

Stephan Kroll is currently preparing the final excavation report on the Hasanlu IIIb Urartian fortress. Miller lends her expertise as a paleoethnobotanist and Kimberly Leaman serves as scientific illustrator.

Lulu is grateful that he covered for her with the PCPD on the Valerie Spencer (Brytni Sarpi) plot, but isn’t happy he’s going away for life.

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