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The loved-up couple has been regularly flying back and forth between the UK and Canada to spend time with one another.

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Love bombing is a seductive tactic, where a manipulative person tries to control another individual with “bombs,” brimming from day one.

According to psychiatrist Dale Archer, typically it will occur in whirlwind romances where one partner will try to influence a person with affection, attention, presents, and promises about the future.

Dating can be a long, painful and confusing process – particularly when you’re doing it online. Did they get mugged at gun point for their phone, laptop, tablet and any other electronic gadget that might have your number stored on it?

Just when you think it’s going OK, the banter is flowing and the invitations to meet up for coffee are coming thick and fast, it suddenly goes quiet. After a while, you come to accept that perhaps they weren’t ‘The One’ after all – even if they kept sending you pictures of their Frenchie.

Prince Harry’s wealth, however, dwarfs that of his girlfriend, as he enjoys a fortune of $40million - the equivalent of more than £30million.

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