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2010 Mark Wilsher on the Cultural Olympiad and the politics of participatory public art projects An increasingly popular new model of public art has now become entrenched through the official commissions for the Cultural Olympiad. Looking at the project websites and associated social platforms it is clear that what counts is the process of participation itself.' Olaf Breuning 2003 Marcus Verhagen takes a nuanced view of art and tourism in a globalised economy The tourist has a bad rap and is an easy target for cultural critique.

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In the autobiography, which was labeled as non-fiction, Dunham described her rapist using seven completely unnecessary details that immediately identified him — to anyone with five spare minutes and access to Google — as a high-profile and outspoken Republican she attended Oberlin College with during the mid-2000s — a real human being who now has a family, a career, and a Facebook page.

Those matching details included the facts that her rapist…

'Of the many artists who have reflected on their travels, some, like Darren Almond, have distanced themselves from the tourist, but others have adopted more nuanced and sympathetic positions.' As cultural institutions face ever-greater pressure to efficiently manage resources, so space-hungry old-media archives are increasingly being dumped after digitisation.

But when many digital compression formats are described technically as 'lossy', shouldn't this be a clue that a database without a physical archive is a bad bet on fleeting technologies?

The okapi is indeed the only living relative of the giraffe.

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