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I also remember that I had set a password for the BIOS but now it's gone, all settings seems back to default. But interesting thing that I found if I restart or turn-off-then-turn-on the notebook without unplugging the power adapter, the BIOS date/time are not reset to default.

Because the bios battery is used to retain the settings of the Date and time RTC Real Time Clock. that is why the battery is there to keep the time and date right. Unplug the main power without a Cmos battery = Bios restet every time. Just be careful not to break them when you bend them..are fragile.

Hello all, I have overclocked my i7 930 through BIOS but am running into a problem.

When I turn off the computer or restart it, the OC BIOS settings seem to stick and are loaded properly as they should the next time I turn on the computer.

Older computers may not have a BIOS that is compatible with any year 2000 dates.

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