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It was a cold day in 2002 and my friend and I made our daily walk to Virgin Records (when those still existed in Chicago) to browse around and spend pretty much our entire paychecks on the latest releases.At the time, they had these great CD samplers that would come free with one of the new releases and on this lucky occasion Floetry’s song, “Floetic,” was one of the featured songs. Unfortunately, now looking back, it had been years since thinking about what a great album was.However, during the promotion of the last album the two separated and Ambrosius signed to Dr. However, “Soul” details Stewart’s side of the story as she sings, “I just can’t sell my soul,” which has led many to speculate that there is animosity between the former musical partners. I never wanted it to be tacked on to any negative vibrations,” she explains as her reason for staying silent.

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Marsha ambrosius who is she dating

“I did everything I could to get Marsha on the record and the best I could do was to do a re-interpretation of “Say Yes” to honor the 10 years.

We wrote that song together, so Marsha was included on the album as best as I could include her.” Stewart makes up for the lack of The Songstress by collaborating with other artists, such as Raheem De Vaughn and South African artist Thandiswa Mazwai.

Marsha Ambrosius: I’m in Philadelphia, just a few hours away but yeah we were hit hard.

I thought last year was terrible but this year has been awful, it’s never-ending – I can’t take it. I get a snow day tomorrow and I’m looking for advice about things to do.

It wasn’t until recently hearing about the singing faction of the group, Marsha Ambrosius, releasing a solo album and then watching the powerful video for her gorgeous single, “Far Away,” that I put two and two together.

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