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A leopard print dress is a go-to piece for those wanting an outfit with guaranteed glam-factor.But when it comes to animal prints it's a fine line between flashy and trashy, so make sure you keep on the right side of it by following Raquel's lead and opting for a dress knee-length or longer with sleeves. Then check out our edit of the most alluring leopard print dresses in the shops in the gallery below.Apparently, it was Lythgoe who did all the pursuing, as our insider shared that "He tweeted her and she didn't believe it.

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Immediately prior to the premiere’s airing, Paula pumped her fans up for the episode.

is an English television and film director and producer, television dance competition judge, former dancer in the Young Generation and choreographer.

Lythgoe, 63, must also present documents that relate to fellow judge Murphy’s “erratic behavior,” according to the legal document.

Additionally, he must hand over materials that mention any involvement Murphy had with “current and/or former SYTYCD contestants” and “alcohol being requested and/or consumed by Murphy before, during and/or after show tapings and live shows.” Holmes, 33, who filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 28, is linked to the suit by virtue of her connection to Lythgoe and the Dizzy Feet Foundation, a dance scholarship program she co-founded with him and Lythgoe must present “all documents which evidence, refer to or relate to oral or written communications with Adam Shankman, Katie Holmes and/or any other Dizzy Feet personnel regarding Murphy’s involvement (or lack thereof) with the organization,” the subpoena said.

'Raquel finds Nigel fascinating and an absolute English gentleman.

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