Megatokyo dating sim

We've done our best to mask them off, but if you're already caught up on events (or you're just curious), highlight them with your mouse to make them visible.

"You see, nothing in the real world will ever live up to what I feel inside. Maybe it's because the feelings I have work only in fantasies, not the real world. It's a way to live what I feel, even if it is just part of a story." is also one of the most confusing.

The story starts off when two American video game otaku — Piro and Largo — hop on a one-way flight to Japan, then find themselves unable to get back after a credit-card-maxing shopping spree.

Its not really any more complicated than todays, but for some reason it took three days to do (Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning), and I still wasn't happy with the result. For Friday's comic, i really didn't spend enough time planning the layout, reviewing the script with largo, dom and ed. The funny thing is, as a result of this lack of planning, the strip took forever to finish.

Today's comic took me four hours to draw, and 2 hrs to put together. In contrast, I took the time Sunday to hash out the script, layout the panels, think about text placement, etc.

Learned most of what he knows about life from Shoujo (Girls) Manga.

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