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Chris Botti concert in Poznan Poland 5.10.2014 - EMMANUEL - ft LUCIA MICARELLI.

It's not necessarily Botti himself; it's the sound & feeling that comes out of his horn and the relationship he creates with his audience.

’ It’s just a really tightly run and smoothly run ship.”In those scripts, Dickens said, is an ongoing recognition of a palpable “life force” in post-Katrina New Orleans.

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“ ‘Friday Night Lights’ was different,” Dickens said.

You’d shoot so fast, and it was so much fun to improvise.

And I’m going to learn so much faster around these people.” The learning started on Micarelli’s first day on the set, the first-season scene in which Annie and Sonny busk for Wisconsin recovery volunteers.

“I didn’t know what ‘first team’ and ‘second team’ was.

Actor bio: New York-born, Julliard-trained violinist. Has toured with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Josh Groban, Chris Botti.

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