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Mike Holmes hammers Canadian contractors in the latest issue of Readers Digest.

It spent four weeks at #2; one week before hitting #1 and then three weeks after "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone bumped it out of the top spot... WHen I was a kid, this came on the car radio, and when it came to the tremolo vocal part my mom thought there was something wrong with the radio, lol. By the way, I think Meatloaf should be required listening for all kids going through puberty--"So now I'm praying for the end of time..." (google it if you don't know.)It's really neat to hear everyone's opinion on what this song is about, and I would like to put my 2 cents in, too.

Between 19 the group had nineteen Top 100 records; with seven making the Top 10 and two reaching #1 (the other #1 was "Hanky Panky" for 2 weeks in 1966). It really surprises me that so few people have this right. it's almost a little bit embarrassing to (have to) explain something that is so explicitly sexual. old when this song was intro'd and I thought it was about drugs. For all you idiots who think its about being high in some way. Anyway, the notes and chords to the chorus sound a lot like the chorus to Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane," IMHO. I don't think it's about drugs, murder (that's ridiculous), being gay or any of that.

Huh, in my whole 18 years I have never thought until now to find out the meaning of the song that my twin sister and I are named after. And I do not not doubt that Tommy James would have (originally and forever) claimed that he did not intend any specific meaning by the words crimson and clover. I comletely believe him that he publicly thought that. Tommy James is a guy, like every guy who ever loved this song, and only one part of his body becomes crimson - - and is irresistibly drawn to the part of a girl's body that exactly ressembles the delicate pinkish-lavender clover in its respledent bloom - - the female flower. You need not be ashamed if you never consciously realized that this is why you love this song so much. I could feel the compassion in yourcomment about your dad and how you played tapes. Where do you get off calling people "idiots" because the song was mis-interpreted by you as well? To this day it reminds me of my daddy who has since passed. In my opinion people are trying to read too much into it and are getting too complex.

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