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John Bel Edwards remove State Police Commissioner Calvin Braxton have reignited after the state police said Braxton used his position to ask for special treatment from law enforcement for him and his family, according to a WWL-TV report.According to the report, an incident report filed last year by the State Police Commander of Troop E in Nachitoches accused Braxton of intimidating a trooper after he arrested Braxton's daughter for driving while intoxicated.Children’s loyalty could be developed with a policy of indoctrination viaeducation and the Hitler Youth movement.

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everybody did as they were told – or paid the price.

The Nazi Police were controlled by Heinrich Himmler and his feared secret police – the Gestapo – did as it pleased in Nazi Germany.

We share the common goal of serving Vermonters, in part, through collecting and sharing important information.

As such, the Vermont State Police responds to media inquiries and public requests as quickly, completely and accurately as possible.

TRENTON -- The New Jersey State Police has sued a major firearms manufacturer, claiming the company gave state troopers defective guns and failed to fix the problem.

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