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Mr Settelen, 65, who played Sandy Hardcastle in the 1979 ITV series Flambards, told NBC in 2004 that after the first voice coaching session in 1992: “I said, 'Look, I want to bring a camera.

Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews tearfully told a Tenn. 29 about the shock and humiliation she experienced after a stalker posted a nude video of her.

Refusing to disclose whether or not British TV viewers would for the first time see the sections where Diana discussed her sex life, she said: “In terms of the specifics of what we are broadcasting, we are just not disclosing that yet.

We will do that nearer transmission.” She added that the Channel 4 documentary would include extracts from the video tapes that were not broadcast by NBC and have therefore never before been shown on TV anywhere in the world.

“And now I’m the girl with a hotel scandal,” the Fox sportscaster tearfully told a Tennessee courtroom Monday.

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